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Car Wreckers Perth Pick up


Car Wreckers Perth Pick up

Car Wreckers Perth Pick up specialize in helping motorists to sell their unwanted or scrap cars in Perth as quickly as possible. If you are wondering “Who can scrap my car in Perth?” then look no further than car collection. Offering the very best prices for scrap cars in Perth as well as same day payments and collections, we provide a simple and straightforward way to sell a car for recycling. Whatever the make or model and whatever its age or condition; scrap, salvage, repair or simple quick sale, we can provide you with a fantastic quote for your car.

Fill out our quick quote form to begin the process of selling your car, or contact our Car Wreckers Perth Pick up team directly for a free, no obligation quotation for your vehicle. From RW failures and insurance write-offs to accident damaged vehicles and cars in full working order, we buy any car and always at the most competitive price. You will receive a fair quotation for your car and if we feel more information may allow us to pay more we will ask, so you can be confident of receiving the very best value for money when selling to cash for cars Perth.

This is why you should use us for scrap car removal in Perth

Our own present vehicles can collect scrap vehicle from your choice of location at a time convenient to you and ensure its safe disposal. North Shore car wreckers collect scrap cars and End of Life Automobiles daily throughout the Perth area (South Perth, MandurahJoondalup, KwinanaRockinghamArmadaleBelmontCockburnFremantleBunburyKwinanaMelville).

Our Fully Registered and qualified Car Wreckers Perth Pick up service operates to ensure a professional, reliable and speedy collection of your End of Life Vehicle.

One of the major problems with scrap cars is that they make an area look unsightly and run down, so if you have any scrap cars in your immediate vicinity call us now to arrange for their collection ASAP. As we stated previously it does not matter what condition they are in as we can lift the out of almost anywhere. We provide a 24 Hour free collection Service in Perth.

Car Wreckers Perth Pick up – We’ll Recycle Your Scrap Car For Cash

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Some companies may offer you money for your vehicle and then charge you a fee for the collection of your car if you are within Perth. Our collection and recycling service is totally cost-less with an assured cash payment because all our company vehicles are compliant and meet the Australia safety standards.

We have been operational in Perth suburbs for more than 15 years and have built up a great repute for a speedy, stress free solution to your scrap vehicle disposal problems. We do not work to typical hours, we work to your agenda. In other words we can enable scrap car removal and disposal any time 24 hours a day including Saturdays and Sundays.

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Can I Get Paid For My Scrap Car?

Yes! Car Wreckers Perth Pick up give our customers expert advice and assistance in the removal and recycling of scrap cars. We will buy your write-offs, RW failures and all unwanted vehicles. We can buy your scrap car, truck or van today! What are you waiting for? Scrap your car in Perth today!

If possible, send us images via Viber app or our online form to help us get you the maximum price for your vehicle. We can pay CASH for vehicles which are purchased for resale.

Top Prices Paid

Some scrap cars are worth more to us than others. Later models, roadworthy cars, vehicles suitable for export may all be worth that little bit extra, so give us a call for our best price.

Find your local scrap car dealer: Brisbane cash for cars, Melbourne cash for cars,Sydney cash for carsAuckland cash for cars, Hamilton cash for cars, Wellington cash for carsChristchurch cash for cars.

Car Removal South Perth

Are your Looking for Car Recyclers in South Perth?

Car Removal South Perth

Chances are you have just searched on Google for “Car Removal South Perth”, “scrap car disposal” or “Scrap my car for cash Perth” and you have landed here, well you have come to right place!  Perth car removal covers the whole of the south Perth and we offer a fast, hassle free service when it come to scrapping your car. Our head office is based in Maddington and with over 15 years experience within the industry, a registered car wrecker and a member of Australia cash for cars services, you can feel comfortable using our services, knowing that we will dispose of your vehicle in the correct manner.

Under what circumstances should I dispose of my vehicle?

  • Uneconomical repair
  • Accident damage
  • Road-worthy failure
  • Unwanted vehicle

What do I need to do before you can collect a vehicle?

  • An accurate vehicle location and contact telephone number for the owner
  • Ownership check and car keys
  • You will need to sign a disclaimer to transfer your vehicle to us for disposal and dismantling
  • Any personal items should be cleared from the vehicle

Why use Car Removal South Perth over other firms?

  • Cash for car removal Perth is a reputable company that has been established for 15 years

  • We have all the correct certification in order to collect vehicles (auto dismantling Licence, Operator’s Licence, Environment Licence)
  • We can also guarantee that your vehicle will not be put back on the road at the expense of other motorists’ safety
  • We run and employ a series of resources meaning that we can collect your vehicle at a time to suit on a 24 hour basis, we offer flexibility and understand that your time is important

  • Our operatives carry identification, wear smart uniforms and are kind and courteous at all times

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Depending on the type of vehicle, we will remove it for free and may pay up to $5000 for it. We accept RW failures, non-runners, accident damaged vehicles and scrap cars and vans. We are professional, fast and reliable at all times, so you can trust that Car Removal South Perth will provide you with an excellent standard of service and customer care should you need a company that carries out scrap car disposal in Perth.

Find your nearest auto dismantling yard in Australia and  New Zealand  wide:

1. Australia: Perth auto wreckersMelbourne auto wreckers, Gold coast auto wreckersBrisbane auto wreckers, ,Sydney auto wreckers.

2. New Zealand: Auckland auto wreckersHamilton auto wreckersWellington auto wreckers,  Christchurch auto wreckers.

Scrap Car Pick up Perth

Sell your scrap car the easy way in Perth! we got the cash

 Scrap Car Pick up Perth
  •    Getting Cash For Your Car Is Easy

Simply fill out our short, easy, and intuitive junk car submission form above. Tell us a little about the year, make, model, and condition of your vehicle. Scrap Car Pick up Perth will never sell your personal information or send you promotional email. No risk. No obligation. No hassle.

  •    We’ll make you an offer

Perth car wreckers will send you an offer for your junk car or truck; usually within one business day or less! We work with the very best junk car buyers in Perth, WA to make sure we not only provide you with the highest cash offer for your vehicle, but also the convenient, fastest, and most reliable junk car removal experience possible.

  •    Quick and painless pickup

Once you accept our offer one of our friendly and professional junk car buyers in Perth will pick up your vehicle within 2 to 4 hours (often sooner!). We’ll contact you directly to schedule a pickup time that is convenient for you. Nights and weekends are often available. Of course, towing is always free and there are zero hidden fees. Our tow drivers will pay you cash or check on the spot for your car. There is no easier way to get Scrap Car Pick up Perth.

Cash for Scrap Car Pick up Perth

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Perth dismantlers branch will make you a cash offer on your junk car. We will buy any type of car, truck, van, or SUV and in any condition, old, wrecked, damaged, broken down, running or not. When you need to sell a junk car in Perth we are your go to car buyers.

Scrap Car Pick up Perth offer competitive prices for your old car. We are the specialists at removing hard to get to cars, and cars with no keys, wheels or completely dead RW failures.

Why scrap your car?

Is your car so old it just is not safe any more? Have you had an accident, is the car damaged? Has it failed its roadworthy, Are you fed up remembering to fill in the documents? What ever the reason you want the scrap car collected, we will pay cash for your scrap car.

If you live in Perth, there is not an easier way to have your vehicle collected and disposed of. Fill in the form the right or call us on 0426 600 990. We will arrange to collect the dead car, pay you cash for your scrap car and take it away and recycle it. Everyone wins – the environment is cleaner, the car on your drive will be gone for good, and you pocket some cash

Find your nearest cash for car service:

Car Wrecker ArmadaleCar Wrecker CockburnCar Wrecker JoondalupCar Wrecker Kwinana,

Car Wrecker Melville,  Car Wrecker RockinghamCar Wrecker South PerthCar Wrecker Stirling.

Sell Car for Cash

The Fastest Way to Sell your Car in Perth and Surrounding

Sell Car for Cash

As long as there have been cars on the road, consumers have needed at some point during their driving lifetime to dispose of their cars, however selling a used car in Perth has been a stressful and risky business. That’s why we created Sell Car for Cash, the fast, safe and fair way to sell your car in Perth. We will buy your used car within 30 minutes, GUARANTEED!!!!!

How do we do it? After answering a few simple questions about your car, you’ll be emailed your FREE, no-obligation wholesale valuation. If you’re happy with it, simply book an appointment at our cash for cars Perth office or at your place. Then, we’ll take the car off your hands, and pay you cash or certified cheque.

  • We will buy your car “AS IS”, no safety or  e-test required
  • No need to advertise or trade in
  • Avoid curbsiders and difficult buyers
  • Hassle free, we come to you or you come to us
  • Instant cash or certified cheque
  • We use our dealer plates and insurance for a quick and safe transportation

So if you’re asking yourself “what’s the best way to Sell Car for Cash in Perth?” you know just where to come. Used car guys are committed to offering all our customers the best possible customer experience. For a quick and “AS IS” condition hassle-free sale with secure payment sell your car to Perth wreckers! Just feel free to contact one of our team who are always on hand to guide you through the process.

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Whether you want cash or plan to trade in your car, it just takes 3 steps.

Step 1

Get an Appraisal

We take all makes and models regardless of and condition.

Get An Appraisal

Step 2

Review Our Offer

We’ll make you an offer that you can refuse.

By that, we mean there’s absolutely no obligation.

Step 3

Sell Your Car

Take you time to think over our offer, then us a call 0426 600 990 car in if you’re ready for a trade or cash deal.

We’ll help you take care of everything from there.

How Do We Give You a Better Value?

Because we have so many locations that we can sell from, and the largest customer database of buyers looking for specific vehicles, Sell Car for Cash can optimize our inventory to get the right cars to the right place.

That means we can pay you the best price for your existing vehicle, even if you don’t buy one of ours.

Find your nearest cash for car service:

Car Wrecker ArmadaleCar Wrecker CockburnCar Wrecker JoondalupCar Wrecker Kwinana,

Car Wrecker Melville,  Car Wrecker RockinghamCar Wrecker South PerthCar Wrecker Stirling.

Car Salvage


Perth Car Salvage

Don’t pay to get your car salvage taken away – you can get paid instead… or it could even be a modern classic in the making

Do you have a salvaged car and don’t know if you want to sell it? Are you worried about getting cheated, ripped off, or afraid of selling your car online? Perth Car Salvage will buy your salvaged car with no hassle and no hidden fees. You may ask, “How do I sell my salvaged car?” It’s simple: just call us toll free or fill out our online form for an easy and accurate quote.

It doesn’t matter if your car is running or not, slightly damaged, or an old clunker. We will give you a price on your vehicle. SUVs, trucks, cars, or antique automobiles, we will gladly take them off your hands. Do you need to know the value of your salvaged car fast? No problem. All our quotes are given within a 24 hour time frame and we guarantee top dollar for your salvaged car.

Don’t go through the hassle and stress of trying to sell your salvaged car online by yourself. Perth Cash for Cars takes the stress out of selling your car online. We offer free pick up anywhere in WA. South Perth, MandurahJoondalup, Kwinana, Rockingham and Vincent as well as other areas like ArmadaleBelmontCockburnFremantleBunburyKwinanaMelville etc, we have hundreds of locations around Western Australia. to make selling your car easier. Perth Car Salvage comes to you with free towing and pick-up. We offer our customers real, friendly service by real people.

You’re probably wondering why you should use us instead of trading in your car to a dealership. We are a nationally recognized company and fully licensed and bonded in every region. Car dealerships are trying to make a profit at your expense, but Perth Car Salvage is working with our customers in mind. Our job is buying cars and ensuring our clients get top dollar for their vehicle. We pride ourselves in offering customers’ complete satisfaction in the selling of their salvaged car.

We proudly offer fast and easy service to our customers. Call us today for a free quote on your vehicle today. Not sure if you want to sell your car to us? Don’t worry; you have no obligation to us after you receive your free quote. Perth Car Salvage will never hassle you about selling your salvaged car. We are confident that you will not find a better offer for your used vehicle.

Find your nearest auto dismantling yard in Australia and  New Zealand  wide:

1. Australia: Perth auto wreckersMelbourne auto wreckers, Gold coast auto wreckersBrisbane auto wreckers, ,Sydney auto wreckers.

2. New Zealand: Auckland auto wreckersHamilton auto wreckersWellington auto wreckers,  Christchurch auto wreckers.

Car Dismantlers


Car Dismantlers

If you have a scrap car in Perth that’s taking up drive space, don’t hesitate to call us today on 08 9452 7906.

Car Dismantlers will collect free of charge and give you the best price around.

We are a highly professional motor vehicle and scrap metal dealer serving our clients across all areas of Perth.

We can collect scrap cars in any condition including RW failures, abandoned cars and damaged vehicles as well as scrap metals (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals) from all areas of greater Perth including South Perth, MandurahJoondalup, Kwinana, Rockingham and Vincent as well as other areas like ArmadaleBelmontCockburnFremantleBunburyKwinanaMelville etc. We pride ourselves on providing a prompt, polite service to individuals, and to organizations of any size.

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Perth car wreckers offer high prices for all vehicles such as Cars, Vans, Trucks and other small vehicles and we collect vehicles daily around Perth and its surrounding areas. Don’t scrap your car before calling us for the highest price.

If you have a scrap car (vehicle salvage) or are thinking about using a car disposal service then why not contact Perth cash for cars right away and we will process your vehicle and documents in accordance with the WA government guidelines. This means that all the car salvage that comes into our car salvage yards follow strict safety and environmental guidelines. We are committed to running an environmentally friendly car salvage yards.

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Cash for Cars of All Type & Car Dismantlers Perth

If you have a vehicle that you want to sell we will buy your junk car for cash, no problem! Just give us a call at 08 9452 7906 to sell your vehicle to Car Dismantlers today!

*For More Information about our Scrap Car Service, truck wreckers WA

*Fill out a quote form to get a price for you car cash for cars

Alternatively call today on 08 9452 7906 for your free, no obligation scrap car/part quote!

Find your nearest local car breaker: car wreckers Melbournecar wreckers Brisbanecar wreckers Sydney, car wreckers Auckland.

Scrap Car Buyers Fremantle

Scrapping Car for Cash in Fremantle: The Ultimate Guide

Sell Your Damaged Vehicle with Scrap Car Removal in Fremantle.

Scrap Car Buyers Fremantle

We don’t just compare prices for vehicles which are meant to be recycled. We have a large database of trusted damaged car buyers who will purchase any vehicle, regardless of condition. These salvage buyers are able to offer much higher prices than scrap car collectors and also collect free of charge.

You may have had an accident and want to sell a crash damaged car or just have a list of expensive roadworthy failures. Whatever the reason, we can put you in touch with a suitable buyer. Many other car wreckers companies fail to see the value in salvage but our Scrap Car Buyers Fremantle and specialist buyers have years of experience and can always see value in your unwanted car.

What Salvage Information Do We Need?

cash for cars Perth

Please provide us with as much information on the vehicle as possible. In order to work out an accurate price we need a clear picture of any faults with the car. This includes mileage, mechanical condition, RWC, road tax and known faults of any kind. Once our car buyers have analysed this information they will send us quotes and we can help arrange the collection of you car.

We Buy Cars In Any Condition!

At Scrap Car Buyers Fremantle we can take vehicles in any condition so if you are wondering where to scrap your car, van or motorbike don’t hesitate to contact us as we can take all makes and models in any condition, so regardless of whether it has seen better days we can make you an offer. We aim to recycle as much of your vehicle as we can ensure that where possible all parts that can be used again will be.

If you would like further information about how you can easily sell your car with us then give our team a call now on 08 9452 7906 or fill out our online form and we will get back to you.

Find your nearest local car breaker: car wreckers Melbournecar wreckers Brisbane, car wreckers Gold Coastcar wreckers Sydney, car wreckers Auckland.

Scrap Car Buyers Mandurah

Selling Scrap Cars for Cash, We Show You How it’s Done

Scrap Car Buyers Mandurah

How do I scrap my car for cash? You can start right here! We compare hundreds of live quotes for you, here at Scrap Car Buyers Mandurah. Whether you have an end of life vehicle or a repairable car, we have a nationwide network of trusted car wreckers partners that will pay competitive rates for unwanted vehicle.

Cash for car removal Perth is a relatively new industry. It isn’t long ago that having an end of life vehicle disposed of would actually cost you money. Therefore, there are all sorts of undesirables trying to pay less than market value for your scrap cars. We only compare the most reputable companies willing to buy scrap cars for cash.

Scrap Car Buyers Mandurah – End of life vehicle removal in WA

If you are looking for someone to buy your scrap car for cash, please bear in mind that the cash payment is a legal payment method. Our Scrap Car Buyers Mandurah buy and collect scrap cars all over Western Australia, furthermore we are keen to pay the top price to win your car. Just fill in our online quote form to compare hundreds of prices now. Alternatively, you can call one of our truck wreckers for free advice now.

used car buyers - cash for cars dealers nz

Recycling scrap cars

All of our trusted partners are Authorized auto dismantlers, meaning that your scrap vehicle will be disposed of in the most environmentally manner. All hazardous fluids are drained and up to 90% of the vehicles weight is re-used, therefore we are all happy that we are doing our bit for the environment.

If your vehicle is not ready for the scrap yard, but needs work to be roadworthy again? We can help. Scrap Car Buyers Mandurah have specialist car buyers nationwide that are interested in your repairable vehicle and are willing to pay top money. If this applies to you, give us a call now to discuss. We will need to take a few more details than if your vehicle was simply an end of lifer, but your inquiry shouldn’t take us more than 5 minutes to process. We will then offer out the vehicle specification to our cash for cars buyers who will then bid on the car, the top quotes will then be sent to you.

Let us do the hard work, so you don’t have to. We have a huge network of end of life vehicle collectors ready to pay money for your scrap vehicle. We compare hundreds of prices, and source the best quote for your vehicle.

Find your local cash for cars company: sell car for cash Gold coastsell car for cash Sydney – sell car for cash Perth – sell car for cash Auckland – sell car for cash Christchurch.

Scrap Car Buyers Perth

Selling Scrap/Junk Vehicle in Perth

Scrap Car Buyers Perth

Why choose Scrap Car Buyers Perth to sell your car?

We’ll find you the best price for your scrap car. It’s easy, simply tell us your car registration and your postcode and you’ll instantly see scrap prices for your car.

Choose between our scrap car collection service or dropping your car off at your local auto recycling yard. Our customer services team is on hand to look after you and we even take care of the official paperwork for you.


Are you thinking: I want to scrap my for my cash, I want to sell a car for scrap or what is involved in scrapping a car? Then you have come to the right place. It has never been simpler to get the best scrap car price for your car or van, with free collection, no administration charges and helpful specialist staff; this has to be one of the quickest and most convenient ways to scrap your car. Ask us for a quote to scrap my car, call now on 08 9452 7906. Scrap Car Buyers Perth’s advisers love to pay more than the normal scrap car value; our extensive network enables us to pay the best prices for scrap cars and even more for unwanted, damaged and broken cars. Our helpful team are waiting, so call now on 08 9452 7906. Once you are happy with the great price offered, we can arrange collection and payment today from our approved network of scrap car buyers, motor traders and car repairers.


1. Fill in our online form with the details of the car you want to scrap and any relevant additional information or simply phone and talk to one of our helpful advisers.

2. Our team of specialists at Perth car removal uses the information about your individual car to find you the best scrap car price and available collection times.

3. Once your happy, we book in the time and date for collection and confirm the price to be paid. You will then be allocated a collection driver and be provided with their direct phone number for your convenience.

4. Your driver will call you before setting off to collect your car, on arrival he will ensure you have been paid for your car, issue you with a receipt and paperwork for the MainRoads. Your car will then be loaded, leaving you to simply wave goodbye to your old, soon to be scrapped, car.

So if you are thinking ‘I want to scrap my card for cash’ call us now on 08 9452 7906 to get the easiest and best scrap car value.

car wreckers Melbourne pick up

Looking to sell your scrap car in Perth?

If you have a scrap car in Perth that’s taking up drive space, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll collect free of charge and give you the best price around.

Scrap Car Buyers Perth are a highly professional motor vehicle and scrap metal dealer serving our clients across all suburbs of Perth.

We can collect scrap cars in any condition including MOT failures, abandoned cars and damaged vehicles as well as scrap metals (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Metals) from all areas of Western Australia including  Find your local auto recycler: Find your nearest cash for cars dealer: South Perth, Mandurah, Joondalup, Kwinana, Rockingham and Vincent..etc. We pride ourselves on providing a prompt, polite service to individuals, and to organizations of any size.

We work close with other Australian auto wrecking yards your local auto: Gold coast auto wreckers, Brisbane auto wreckers, Melbourne auto wreckersDandenong auto wreckers, Sydney auto wreckers.

Car Wreckers Maddington

Free Quote, Convenient Collection and Instant Cash, for all Scrap Cars in Maddington

Car Wreckers Maddington

Hanging on to one of your old car hoping that you can one day restore it to its good working condition is not necessarily as easy as u may think—however in most cases, these cars are beyond the point of repair and are essentially just taking up valuable driveway space. What better way to make the most of your unwanted and scrap cars than to earn cash for them? At Car Wreckers Maddington, we relieve you from the burden.

Give us a call 08 945 27 906 and book an appointment in order to begin earning cash for your scrap car! Whether you wish to get rid of the vehicle as a whole, or perhaps sell parts separately, we offer compensation for all types of scrap items.

Instant Cash for all Scrap Cars in Maddington With a Free Quote and Swift Removal

Our car wreckers staff prides itself on conducting business with utmost integrity—unlike many of our competitors—always providing our clients with the best possible value for their scrap cars. We will take the time to fully evaluate the items you wish to get rid of, assessing their worth, and giving you an accurate quote, more than likely leaving you surprised with.

Unwanted Car Collection in Maddington Area

car wreckers hamilton

Due to the nature of scrap cars, their condition often does not allow them to operate correctly, making them difficult to transport. This is not a problem for us at Car Wreckers Maddington , as we can provide our clients with collection services. No matter where in Maddington you are located, we can provide collection services and take your unwanted car out of your hands, and giving you instant cash in exchange. Give us a call to schedule your pick up!

Cash for All Cars

No matter the make or model of your scrap car, Car Wreckers Maddington will give you cash for it! Japanese, German, French or any others, we accept them all!
Some of the brands we collect most often include Subaru, Audi, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda,Ford, Holden, BMW, Nissan, Mercedes, and many more!
Get in touch with us for more information or to schedule a collection or get a free quote for your unwanted scrap car!

Do you want to make cash with your old junk car, but still need to hold on to some of its parts? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Car Wreckers Maddington specializes in car wrecking, allowing you to keep as many parts of your car as you wish, while still receiving instant cash! We have years of experience wrecking a variety of vehicles, from small cars, to trucks, and everything in between!

Environmentally Friendly Unwanted Car Removal in Maddington

While letting go of your old scrap car, you do not only earn cash for it, but you are also helping the environment tremendously! Getting rid of scrap metal allows it to be reused for other purposes and reduces the amount of global waste. This form of recycling allows our planet to thrive longer, while allowing you to make some money along the way!

Find your local auto recycling yard: Gold coast auto wreckers, Brisbane auto wreckers, Melbourne auto wreckersDandenong auto wreckers, Sydney auto wreckers.